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Strong AI  -is  the long sought after goal that gives machines “Real Intelligence” acting autonomously in many respects as a as a human interacting with other humans. This presentation defines all the necessary and sufficient operations to realize Strong AI involving capabilities of consciousness involving among others — awareness of the existential world, self-awarenes, human motivations and emotion.

. In London in 1947 Turing gave the earliest public lecture to mention computer intelligence, saying what is needed is a machine that can learn from experience, and the  possibility of letting the machine alter its own instructions. This is the first indication of introduction of what later was co-opted as AI. Turing introduced the concept of a humanlike machine largely based on perceptions of human interaction but offered no concept of a machine that has consciousness.

Those invited for exclusive first access to information related to the introduction of Strong AI technology are selected because their position in organizations that express interest in the potential this technology. This long awaited technology is understood to determine the world cultures and economic and even military future of mankind.   Asentience makes the case here that it will be largely beneficial in its applications. Your personal or business positions are  involved  in the fields related to AI that are either in the science research areas– product development – investment – other businesses involved with government public interest issues and the military.

It is expected that hose with these business interests would make them well suited to engage in supporting one or more of the multiple applications and or research in the  areas that Strong AI applications opens up to beneficially support world cultures and individual humans.

Asentience realizes that the opportunities for advancing the benefit of the technology are larger than any single enterprise. We welcome your interest and wish to know if you wish more information.


Supplementary Information For Those Wishing To Take Part In The Strong Ai Activity

Please note that information presented in this site is currently only available to those that may wish to explore a particular interest in participating in the Strong AI applications.  It can be supplemented for those that further express their particular interest to participate in the applications and or research by using the CONTACT US below. A more open broad display of detailed information may conflict with the privacy interests of those that may wish to participate in Strong AI development.



Our Realization and Our Mission


Making a device conscious is the long sought after technology that advances AI beyond automation. It also provides a resolution to the   philosophical spiritual speculations that defines human culture. It is the third leg after Darwin and Freud that defines the human consciousness. This mind simulation milestone is indeed a new major tool that can be used to facilitate and enrich human life and there is no reason to downgrade the beneficial spiritual life of world cultures that have evolved.


The mind’s conscious activity may be understood as the autonomous entity piloting a vehicle –-on a journey of watchful awareness of space time- with invited social engagement and entertainment. The driver is responsive to instinctive goals of survival as well as multiple learned cultural goals that motivate to advance personal respectful advantage in society.


Our mission is to Introduce the Strong AI technology as a gift to the world providing a new age for humanlike machine caring and   personal support – in machine control applications– and enable new research opportunities in natural, social as well as military science. Its optimal benefit can result from having a measure of international oversight.



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