Mon. Dec 11th, 2023


1. Where was   Place of Break Through?      

The founders of Asentience LLC have been challenge over decades to formulate the defining the operations of the human mind. Mr. Sidney Kaplan the founder of Asentience when working at MIT’s graduate research program was asked to study and work with Dr. Walter Rosenblith in the areas of mind research. Dr. Rosenblith was an  early forerunner of AI and brain processing technology at MITwho  later became provost at MIT.  Mr. Kaplan still drawn to the possibility of breaking through the mystery of to the brain’s processing operation he chose to continue his work introducing semiconductor technology at MIT labs. As it happened several years later Mr. Kaplan developed a successful electronic system stabilization for IRBM guidance operation for which Dr. Werner Von Braun personally congratulated Mr. kaplan.  

Since leaving MIT Mr. Kaplan – following the progress of AI via MIT Media Lab and work of Marvin Minsky. – It became clear that their interest was only that of Weak AI or prosaic IP automation and no concept of the true genuine human like intelligence.  

2. Technology Advances

Over subsequent decades with the advance of the power of the ubiquitous technology it became increasingly obvious that the human processing operation – complex as they are – could be  adapted for Implementation in the ubiquitous computer. The autonomous operation of the mind would require rumination on the computer machine’s knowledge base of images and natural language guided by the imperatives of motivation and driving emotion in the conduct of the various forms of consciousness.  
3. Asentience Dedication

At Asentience LLC the founders have dedicated the company to the advance of the mind’s “Information Processing” technology that unifies all the mind’s information technology of the last century in a system of Strong AI. The integrated design of a Strong AI is designed in the ubiquitous  logical processing technology called ASIMS for Autonomous Sentient Information Mind system –  which incorporates multiple innovations that enables effective efficient simulation of the human mind’s awareness and self-awareness in conduct of processing the observations of the existential world and  human interactions with empathy and morality that parallels that of the human. 

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