Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Information Processing

Logical Information processing

Researchers in the last decade -looking to accomplish Strong AI did lack the capability to understand the details of the mind that have coordinated logical evolved operation. They were isolated in their specific specialty and could not tread in the other related mind sciences that would in an integrated path provide the plausible rational processes  to the operation of the logical mind. They instead turned to examine primitive neural networks with simplified semiconductor structures. They focused on the brains organic neuron operations building simplified ANN (for Artificial Neuron Networks). The random often cryptic configurations of neuron connectivity were made in specialized constructs to demonstrate some unique capabilities of the mind’s operation. They yielded some interesting sensory image interpretation operations that qualify as automation.

In the case of instrument operation it might have been assumed that applications that involve random occurring circumstances would be best suited to employ ANN training operations for autonomous set up for automatic control. As it turned out; the logical structures that analyze the variability of instrument input signals enabled efficient understandable autonomous control – far superior to ANN technology operation.

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