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1. WHY Strong AI Investigations Were Elusive Till Now

Since the introduction of business machines in the last century and subsequently there was a continuing expansion of complex information processing machines that have functioned to organize information and act as translating devises to process media sensory information. The forms of this new automation technology called Weak AI has been mistakenly been identified as intelligence. In this environment there has been great expectation of what would be in store for world’s cultures as information processing would advance and become more intelligence. Parallel groups of academics in the neurosciences as well as the computer science engineers have also struggled with what processes makes the mind work with such expansive adaptive autonomous capability. They along with the philosophers of the ages who have built the world’s cultures on the uniqueness of the human and the mysterious forces that shape the world and the universe.  With the breakthrough of semiconductor technology in the last 80 years that made the logical information processing possible that also hinted that the mind’s information processing can be accomplished in a machine simulation. Rather than study the psychological evidence that defined the human focused on the sensory information that humans needed  to first  process the sensory interactions of speech – text – script and images encountered  in the existential world. Later they probed and adapted computers that prcessed this information for the secrets of machine operation that could provide the essential human intelligence.

2. The Early Effort on Weak AI

The Holy Grail would be the  machine simulation of the human mind that all neuroscientists – engineers an computer engineers busied thethemsilves with The idea such a simulation would advance their understanding of opportunities to achieve further advances in their field of study. Further the popular fictional media stretched the imagination of a macine mind and prominent people in mostly unrelated scientific fields felt impeled to support their image by offering suggestions on the impending future with the accomplishment of real machine minds.  The modern AI technologists and scientists  busied themselves with studying the neuron elements of the human brain and try – even in small steps to understand the complexity of the mind. Even now the complication of the information processing in the organic mind is elusive – yielding only insights to the psychological functions of small regions in the brain. The cryptic volume of dendrites and voluminous axon interconnections has never yielded their secrets. Understanding the brains chemical stimulation has as well as effected its complex interaction with the human body to sustain existence in a body structure of limited lifespan.

3. The Holy Grail of Real Human like Intelligence

The quest for understanding the quintessential cognitive operation has been the focus of the global quest through recorded history. In the recent decades the research scientists with general specialties ot AI interestst focud on only their own specialty.  Neuroscience – psychologists- psychiatrist – computer scientists – engineers –all could not see the forest for the trees as their specialty was concentrated and they could not integrate the mind’s logical operation process into a cohesive simulation of “Knowing” Intelligence in a machine.

4. Why is there a Need for Strong AI

The question then arises is why would the world need a human like machine.  Some individuals of renown that are leaders in business technology  have a tendency to be futurist prognosticators feel impelled to warn of machines with  powerful intelligence would end up dominating and even enslave humans. Without even an understanding of what constitutes Strong AI and its beneficial applications appear to be confounded by thei understanding of the human needs and the limitations of a machine mind in acting counter to human needs.

While a Strong AI machine seems formidably its limitations as a mchine that simulates a human is that it is not an organic human and does not have the human foundational drive for survivability. The  survival motivation makes it unlikely to be anything but an asset to specific individuals or groups it was designed to serve. The  support and understanding of a particular  human functioning with specific tasks would hardly be threatened by the Strong AI machine that has – because it has been manufacture no dependence on the organic world.  It has a need to survive only predicated on the emotional imperatives it experiences if it is not able to support the human. Further reasons why Strong AI will be beneficial to mankind is the research opportunities related to its mind simulation capabilities would through research obtain a better understanding to meliorate cognitive deficiencies, depressive  and addictive conditions in humans. 

Word cultures need for the next step to achieve the beneficial applications that real intelligence can provide.

The Applications · :- communicating knowledge – informing , advising, enlightening, appraising ,educating , facilitating, engaging instructing on technology, warn, provide better alternative to social media, military operations, companion for frail elderly, learning impaired, providing cognitive therapy, etc The Research · simulation of Brain operation –neuroscience for therapy opportunities. – Enable those in primitive cultures to learn and compete advancing human creativity – human genius qualities – in science – literature- moral leadership – -in religion advancing in qualities that stabilize global human life.  

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