Sun. Jul 21st, 2024


Strong AI Necessary & Sufficient Features

The simulation of the Strong AI operation of the mind in a processing machine must have the multiple processing qualities that when integrated and orchestrated together can rationalize and communicate in natural language as a human. The resulting Strong AI-AGI would be an independent thinker that is aware of the existential world.

Their functional qualities may have different degrees of weightiness depending on the application in which it is applied. Some of the necessary and sufficient technology conditions to appropriately be able to function as Strong AI they include:-

• Awareness of the existential world which requires an image and natural language memory base to provide the necessary simulated understanding of the world’s real subject matter properties. Natural language is the communication media capable of rationalizing the world’s concrete reality that only has meaning in the environmental context observed by a community of humans. Independent records of current episodes in multiple knowledge base memories are needed for real time operations that are distributed for current use in consciousness locations and long term and subconscious knowledge base – redundantly recorded according to the multiple affections they relate to.

• Driving motivating imperatives appropriate to machine operation and specific function establish operating priorities in multiple categories based on survivability, social relations, learning and their combinations of those issues that affect priorities and directed action.

• The processes of driving priorities involved in interpreting episode experiences cause an affective state of consciousness in which states of pleasure or displeasure, is experienced. They functions to prioritize cognitive and volitional states of consciousness. • The cognitive ruminative processes of “Knowing” drives interpretation and analysis that leads to understanding and learning processes.

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