Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


Anticipation of Strong AI

Understanding the logical processing operations of the complex of the evolved human mind have been puzzle among scientists and engineers with multiple interests for 80 years. The temptations of imagination have lead many researchers to feel that the ever improving processing machines would be able to simulate an intelligent mind. It was expected that once this was done there would be no impediment to apply it in a logical format to accomplish its objective. It was further assumed that such an accomplishment would provide a wealth of opportunity that expands the facility of human living. Some believed it would provide the comprehensive interacting qualities of the human that can through medical intervention be used to support the human that lives with frailties.
But through all this anticipation there was an inability of the researchers to define the mind’s operation. Some studies took paths that focused on the still unsolved operation of the brains neuron logic. The basic experiments were designed to perform review and identifications of image sensory operations in trained neural networks with inputs of coordinated popular image materiel. While the workings of the intelligent mind did have logical breakthroughs related to the minds medical dysfunctions – they were only small isolated segments of representations of the whole of the mind’s operation.

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