Sun. Jul 21st, 2024


Implementing AGI

Implementing AGI with Conventional Serial Computer Processing
The simulation the mind’s operation in the autonomous Strong AI or AGI technology was a long awaited event. Through recorded history the quest for understanding the human mind has been a mystifying puzzle. As the puzzle has been progressively demystified ASIMS has been realized by rationalizing the speculative ideas of the psychologists and psychiatrists interpretations of the dysfunctional mind operations. The consistent explainable and logical mind operations that portray the subjects of the existential world with the abstractions that are identified and defined in natural language can now be implemented on the ever present expanding capability of the serial processing computer technology.

The general awareness and self-aware mind operation framework that is now understood can be implemented with current technologies promptly in ubiquitous computers. The mind processes are now organized well enough so that every aspect of human mind operation can be allocated for intelligent computer machine operation. The machine simulation entails as in a human retaining memory of the human’s early life through adulthood.  The expanded the knowledge base would contain all the of sensory imagery and understanding of the human’s bounded worldly experiences. Further capability involves engaging the self-awareness to initiate and prioritize the feelings and emotion level in interaction with a human.

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