Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Strong AI

Strong AI & AGI Realized

Asentience, LLC has introduced the new advanced class of machine AI information processing, called Strong AI. The technology is also often known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). After decades of research and a multitude of innovations the new class of machine has been named ASIMS for Autonomous Sentient Intelligent Mind System.

The many other researchers who have strived to understand the integrated working of the human mind processes continues to be unable to realize this long sought solution for making a machine operate with humanlike intelligence. The current broad interest in a breakthrough for a machine with human like operation is exemplified by the internet’s current listing of almost a million references for Strong AI and or Artificial General Intelligence. The blind anticipation of an awaited breakthrough results from a simple understanding that the human like intelligence in a machine will have unique powers that might even be more advanced than that of a human. There has not been any projections of the expected use of these advanced machines – rather there is generally only ill-considered allusions to possible detrimental effects on society.

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