Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Multiple Supportive Applications

The advance over conventional machines that process information known as AI or Weak AI or automation has been long awaited. Machines with ASIMS Strong AI technology can be readily adapted for use in multiple beneficial supportive applications in just some of these applications listed below. Each application need only be implemented for its particular use efficiently and expeditiously with a minimum memory need. Where unrestricted human use of natural language is required in the application the ASIMS operation – the knowledge base can be augmented even if only additional functions are needed to complement the new functions.

ASIMS has a basic ways of automatically expanding natural language when needed. For specific applications ASIMS must be trained initially by a human or other ASIMS device. In both cases the subject ASIMS machine that supports an individual can expand its knowledge base by learning through the information in the ongoing episode experiences with the supported individual.

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