Sun. Jul 21st, 2024


AGI Has Empathy

Nothing to Fear

As with any autonomous entity the reason or reasons for existence are defined by their motivations which designate their special interests involving among others their survival social involvements. AGI is set with only one significant purpose  even while maintaining a controlled survival instinct in its operation and that is to operate to provide empathetic supportive relations with an individual human. – Such a motivational arrangement could not initiate ASIMS to change in order to challenge the primacy of the organic human.

AGI self-awareness enables it to operate effectively by having a bonding identification with the supported individual – understanding their feelings, thoughts, or attitudes. Nevertheless there is expected to be an international oversight management organization established for purposes of advancing protections related to issues of privacy and operational performance as well as training to facilitate human gainful employment in the technology world. Among other organizations it is expected that world cultural sites will be established at locations that are appropriate to the various cultures and their associated natural language.

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