Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


Specialized Applications

The application that are well defined in their interactions with humans may generally require just a small fraction of the complete well informed knowledge base and can be implemented with minimum development effort.

Limiting the functions – of Strong AI may appear to be a downgrading of the Strong AI’s versatility as is the common mode of operation of AI automaton limited to a single supportive function. The ASIMS Strong AI operation will still carry out its specific interaction supporting the individual with unique awareness of the situation and with a self-awareness that enables and guides its empathetic operation. Moreover it is commonly the normal interaction between humans to focus on one specific application at a time. Accordingly ASIMS specific operations would also correspondence with all the aware and self-aware human interactions.

Specific applications formally operated within limits of a defined single function may involve applications that train humans in the use of automation machines or the ubiquitous PC. The vocabulary of the subject device need only be limited to that which characterizes the devices operation in addition to the human operational activity. The device learning activity that may illicit positive and negative feelings as well as empathetic feelings that support the learning.

General Applications There are multiple applications over which there is a need for a broad spectrum vocabulary for the Strong AI interaction with humans. In general however these applications will require gathering the knowledge of the abilities and sensitivity of an individual human. In cases where the Strong AI application would be involved with a sequence of individuals as in a sales position; the Strong AI would keep records of each individual’s personality in order to communicate in an emotional empathetic manner that represents related continuing feelings developed in the Strong AI ASIMS

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