Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Levels of AI

Levels of AI

The operation of the early AI – artificial intelligence applications – continues to be generally misunderstood. The word – intelligence when applied to a machine’s operation –has been stretched to imply the comprehension involved in the processes of thinking beyond a narrow fixed reflections on sensory information interpretation. As the ASIMS operation purports to extend conscious mind operation to that which is humanlike there are substantial differences that make possible applications that are life changing – not possible by use of any of the early or Weak AI currently in use.

The three popularly named AI operational categories that are loosely spoken of – in the technical culture are referred as; – Weak AI, Strong AI And Super AI.

Weak AI is better fitted to the category of automation and is both the most limited and the most common of the three types of AI. It is the only kind that exists currently where even the smartest of today’s AI is weak. Weak AI is also commonly redefined by the so called “AI Effect”. It is when the population stop viewing an AI tech tool as valid artificial intelligence when the technology becomes a widely common part of daily life as e.g. a text editing operation.
Strong AI, also known as artificial general intelligence (AGI) exhibits human-level intelligence. The structure that defines AGI involves the processing of information just as a human in natural language or its abstractions as it is the only medium in a culture to communicate and comprehend the external world. The processing operations are expected to understand, think, and act the same way a human might in any given situation.

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