Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Super AI

Super AI – Mankind Beware?

Super AI is defined as a machine which has super-human capacity to understand and control science. This is not beyond the imagination of the broad spectrum of humans who have observed the sciences that have laid bare the unexplainable limits of the universe as well as the nuclear frontiers. But having such capacity when there is no connection with a human control to compete with humans is not rational as ASIMS has no reason to engage the same survivable instincts of a human. – It must be observed that humans continue to build destructive war machines developed by their comprehensive intelligent capabilities. They are built in advanced industrial societies that are in constant contention with each other over their contending beliefs that define their nationalism. It is often imagined by so called – well known important individual’s that a single machine or a community of machines having such capacity without human control is projected to eventually contend with humans for world dominance. It is a silly unreal fictional stretch for imagining that any manufactured machine would have the same human evolutionary competitive survivable instincts. The same purposes of machines with warlike emotional imperatives would better be represented by the current military drone and unmanned systems invented and put into operation by humans.

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